Beekeeper Cellars – in 2009, Clay Mauritson invited me to make wine with him and Beekeeper was born. Beekeeper is my family’s brand and I take the lead roll in packaging design, winemaking with Clay and of course getting poured in the top spots nationwide




My latest consult is for Merchant of Wine – I am working with a team of great people; launching this new online wine store. I consult on the stores wine selection as a tasting expert and assist in the selection of the wines provided.  We are focusing on being a store that you can trust to show you something new and something different.

Wine Cloud Inc
My name is Ian Blackburn, and I have had the good fortune to work with the finest in the wine business since 1989 (click here to see my resume).   I have witnessed the growth of the wine industry, tasted a few of the best wines of the world, travelled very well and dined like an eating Champion.  My passion for wine education spans from tasting ability; to understand the place, producer and product. Wine Cloud Inc is our corporate name and I hope be involved in creating the future of wine (click here to see my random thoughts on the future of wine)

In 1995, I was pushed to start a website and “Thank God” I did.  I called it because “I wanted” to learn about wine and I was going to post my findings online, like an early blog.   It looked horrible; like pong with words; as did all early websites… they were not that pretty.  We had a goal to help demystify wine, to make it approachable to all and we had a blast creating some of the coolest events and classes to get us there.  (click here to see our archive)

LearnAboutWine allowed me to work in the trade but spend all my free time teaching consumers and to help the wine industry grow… at least in Los Angeles County where most of my classes were held.  Today, these classes continue at wineLA – by me and by others. 

wineLA will free up LearnAboutWine to go global with our message.  wineLA will be more on trend and support the events and classes of others.

LearnAboutWine will eventually be a digital platform.  We are working on business plans to go worldwide with our product, with the same goal we started out with 20+ years ago… to demystify wine and to make wine available to all.  To do this, we will start small, but grow…  We will get a team of investors together and amass a significant effort when the product is ready.  (click here to let us know that you might be interested in supporting this idea).  

As a man of wine – I work for others, do private events and have plans to write another book, and hopefully be able to write my Masters of Wine dissertation.